Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Nutritious Food Can Be a Natural Medicine

In today’s sedentary lifestyle which a human is living up these days, there is no doubt that it has become quite a challenging for the people to deal with the changing environment. To stay fit and healthy are key for the long survival however, looking at the way people tend to live, needless to say the rate of survival is falling down at a faster pace. The junk food has become a part of routine life whereas the much needed nourishment that a body gets from fruits and vegetables has stopped completely. So what can be done on this? How to we change the human behavior with regards to food nourishment? Well, none of us has got answer for this. Rather, it all completely depends on how human improve the eating habits.

Nourishment: A natural Medicine:

In olden times, if there was any kind of illness, it was only herbal option suggested. The basic reason was pretty much clear and that was the food that had all the ingredients present in it were missing but the same area available in the herbs. That is why; it is advised by health care experts that when you want your body to give proper nutrition, it is the food that is the best natural medicine.

Not only this, food has the ability to offer the best possible nutrition’s that even fight against the chronic diseases like cancer, BP and tumor. This is the main reason why dependability on the addictive drugs can also be best possibly be avoided. No doubt that food has got many advantages. But again, there needs to be a proper health routine that needs to be followed.
It is high time that you follow a perfect blend of healthy food and regular workout which eventually would give you lasting results.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

3 Major Benefits of Opting For a Naturopathic Treatment

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that has a holistic approach towards treating ailments of various kinds. A Naturopathic treatment includes a combination of several approaches in both traditional and modern healing methods, such as dietary supplements, acupuncture, herbal treatments, and so on. Professionals specializing in Naturopathy aim at treating their patients by minimizing the side effects of surgery or prescription drugs. 

There are multiple benefits of opting for a naturopathic treatment, some of them are:
·         Risk free procedure: Naturopathic treatments are completely devoid of any risk or harmful side effects. Conventional medicines and prescribed drugs can have severe side effects as they contain synthetic chemicals and artificial components.  The ingredients used in the prescription drugs may not suit a person in some cases, and severely deteriorate the condition of their health. However, in a naturopathic treatmentno artificial components are used. Therefore, they are absolutely safe for every person and cause no health complications.
·         Complete cure: Traditional medical procedures usually treat the symptoms of a disease, rather than its cause. However, naturopathic physicians aim at treating the root cause of an ailment, so that the patients can enjoy a complete cure. They ensure that a health problem does not cropup again. Naturopathy has an all-round approach towards common health problems as well as chronic diseases.
·         Treatment of multiple disorders: Naturopathic physicians use a number of methods, such as therapies, diets, herbal medicines and exercise in order to treat an extensive variety of ailments.  Naturopathic procedures are highly beneficial in Pain Management, children wellness and treating allergies.  These treatments ensure an overall improvement in the health condition of a person and help them to elevate their quality of life. One of the prime objectives of Naturopathy is to expel the harmful elements present in the body, so that it can heal itself to its optimum level. 

In order to avail the best of the above benefits of naturopathy, a person can contact an experienced and renowned naturopathic physician who specializes in Integrated Functional Medicine. These physicians would be able to formulate an ideal treatment plan for them and guide them towards better health.

Friday, 24 November 2017

What are the benefits of Integrated Functional Medicine

Various forms of alternative medicine such as integrated functional medicine have been gaining attention over 21st Century. Many believe that integrated functional medicine is the future of medicine because specialists have started to take a holistic approach to treating their patients. The focus now has not remained to suppress the symptoms of a condition but to heal the conditions causing those symptoms.  Both functions, as well as integrative medicine, have similarities and overlap in a number of areas, but they are few areas where they are somewhat unique. 

What is integrative medicine?

It is a holistic medical discipline which takes into account patient’s lifestyle, and physicians work to treat the person as a whole rather than the disease. In it a combination of healthcare practices that are brought to use to diagnose, Pain Management and treat a patient. The treatment also focuses on nutritional as well as exercising habits of the patients so that medical conditions can be curbed. 

What is functional medicine? 

Functional medicine embraces integrative medicine but also employs a system oriented medical approach that works to identify the causes of a disease. In this treatment, the relationship between a patient and a medical practitioner becomes more of a partnership. And in the same way as integrative medicine functional medicine is also focused on treating a person as a whole and not just suppressing the condition. 

For sure, the practitioners who embrace integrated functional medicine will be at the forefront of healthcare in the 21st Century.  If you would like to have more information on this medicine or have a condition that you want to be treated through naturopathy, feel free to connect with Sundardas Naturopathy Clinic Singapore. We so far have treated thousands of patients suffering from underlying conditions.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Get Rid Of Diseases with the Use of Integrated Functional Medicine

Integrated functional medicine is a perfect combination of usual medicines and alternative medicine modes such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, meditation or massage. It is a holistic method of medicine that recognizes that health and wellness depend on the whole person.
Rather than just focusing on the treatment of the disease, the integrated functional medicine focuses on the underlying causes of the disease. It takes into consideration why an illness has developed in the first place so that it can be addressed by the medicine method.
Some people believe in complementary medicine method while others question the validity of alternative treatments. Integrated functional medicine method combines the most scientifically proven complimentary methods and the conventional medicines method.
The integrated functional medicine practitioners focus more on the patient-centered approach. They spend a great deal of time with the patients listening to their histories and evaluating the environment, lifestyle, and genetic factors that may play a role in their long-term health and development of chronic diseases. 

Current medical care aims towards accurate care i.e. the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. It is not focused on the overall wellness of the human body. While the integrated functional medicine method focuses on the whole person.
There are a number of chronic diseases increasing drastically in the society. The acute care management approach does not allow the ability to treat the cause of the diseases. The integrated functional medicine method helps in pain management, heart diseases, mental illness, cancer and the treatment of all other diseases by throwing out the root cause of the diseases. 

As it is known that lifestyle choices play an important role in overall health and also have a direct influence on the rise of chronic illness hence integrated functional medicine methods are beneficial as they improve our day to day activities. 

Functional medicine practitioner looks at the environment toxic inputs, nutrition, how the detoxification system is working, nervous and endocrine system, intestinal function and impact of stress. In other words, integrated functional medicine sees that all the systems are interrelated and they influence illness and health. This system not only focuses on multiple separate disease entities but it aims at recognizing the interconnected system and balancing the health.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Naturopathic Medicine for Children on Autism Spectrum

What are the problems that autistic children face? If we put it in one line, it is attention, behavior, processing of sensory stimuli, speech, mental peace, and immunity. Specialists have always pointed out that autistic children are extremely sharp and they have a better memory than other children of their age. When we talk of neurological functions, cognitive functions and attention, these are the issues related to hyperactivity. Usually, the sensory issues are either over-reactive or under reactive. There can be few children who might seek a lot of light while others may find it difficult to sit in normal light. There can be few who seek sounds while others may just want to close their ears. Yes, speech can also be a problem, even if they talk, their behavior may not be like the normal children, and there can be a lot of self-talking. Some small children can also have gut-related issues, and it can be due to gas or constipation which makes them feel irritated. Skin problems can also be a common sign and the reason is yet to be known. Sometimes there can also be behavioral related problems such as aggression and self-harm

Each child on autism spectrum disorder is different, no two children have common symptoms but you can see there is a common thread. To cut a long story short, we would say it is extremely important to take care of child’s diet, sensory integration and to connect them with nature. Natural therapies have shown a positive effect on the overall health of the children with autism spectrum disorder. Specialists take care of diet and natural therapies so that these children can have a normal life. 

If you too are concerned about your child’s health, it is the time to start Naturopathic Medicine and see results within no time.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Treating Depression the Natural Way

According to the World Health Organization, depression affects a large population all across the globe and is one of the major reasons for suicides. Common symptoms of depression include sadness, fatigue, body aches, pains, lethargy, loss of interest in things and isolation. There are several reasons for this, and it may be an ideal decision to connect with a naturopath.

Diet: What and how you eat can have an impact on your mood, it is important to keep your blood sugar stable to regulate your mood. You might have noticed people get anxious if they skip meals, so eating properly can be the best way to stay away from mood swings. Several nutritional deficiencies can lead to mood swings and depression. 

Naturopathic care focuses on why you have depression, you might not have serotonin imbalance, but might be having deficiencies of essential fatty acids, and Vitamins. Vitamin D testing is usually recommended for the patients experiencing low mood, along with it Vitamin B12 and Folate are also tested because they are involved in brain and nerve health. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be most effective for those suffering from depression. Fish oil has shown to improve psychiatric disorders in children as well as adults.
It is good to switch towards naturopathy for the treatment of depression because it can offer far better results than any other form of treatment. Naturopath focus on healing your body and mind as a whole and not on suppressing the condition. Sundardas Naturopathy clinic is one of the leading naturopathy clinics in Singapore, which can be visited if you have any queries related to depression or want to get started with the treatment.

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