Wednesday, 2 August 2017

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Naturopathy for A migraine

One of the most common reasons for a migraine is excessive dilation of cerebral blood vessels. The blood vessels do not dilate spontaneously but respond to chemical changes that occur inside the body. If a naturopath is consulted for this case, he will ask the patients a few details which are related to his medical history, family, diet and menstrual cycle. It may seem paradoxical, but there is a surprising percentage of migraine cases that are a result of migraine medication itself. If you withdraw from these medicines, it will make your condition worse for a short interval of time, but in the long run, it will result in no headaches at all. There are several reasons that contribute to headaches, and the easiest factor that can be controlled is to take care of your diet. There are several food reactions which can contribute to headaches so the elimination trial can be considered. Common foods that cause a migraine are wheat, chocolate, egg, cow’s milk, orange, cheese, tomato, benzoic acid, tartrazine, and rye.

Migraines can be debilitating, agonizing and scary. Migraines do not happen by itself neither are they a random occurrence. It is important for an individual to explore his environment to know what is upsetting his internal balance so that the headaches can be controlled and prevented from occurring in future.

Naturopathy or Integrated Functional Medicine is the best way to get rid of migraines and a step towards a better way of life. If you or someone close to you is suffering from this condition, it is good to visit a naturopathic clinic where the problem can be healed from within. One such reliable naturopathic and Integrated Functional Medicine clinic is Dr. Sundardas Naturopathy Clinic in Singapore, which is an established clinic for offering best natural medical care to the patients.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sundardas Naturopathy Clinic: Singapore’s best Natural Therapies Clinic

Naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition which helps to promote overall wellbeing of a person. It identifies unique aspects of each individual and then brings to use non-toxic therapies so that overall balance can be restored. Practitioners at Dr. Sundardas naturopathy clinic are trained as general practitioners specialized in natural medicine. 

The clinic is based on following fundamentals: 

Healing power of nature: Human body has an inherent ability to maintain and restore health. Practitioners at Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic facilitate healing process by identifying treatments to enhance healing and removing the obstacles.
Identification and treatment of cause: Naturopathic physicians work on identifying and treating the cause of illness rather than controlling the symptoms of diseases.
Gentle Therapies: Natural therapies used at Sundardas naturopathic clinic are gentle, non-invasive, and effective and are accompanied with no side effects.
Personal responsibility of health: Naturopathic physicians educate, empower and motivate patients to take personal responsibility for their health by diet and lifestyle modifications.
Naturopathic medicine works on identifying specific dysfunctions and weaknesses in patients and customizes their treatments based on individual requirements. Moreover, it is far easier and inexpensive to prevent a disease than to treat it. 

Naturopathic practitioners are usually successful in treating chronic diseases that fail to respond to the conventional medicine. Specialists develop personalized Natural therapies treatment plans for the patients that include botanical medicine, nutritional supplements and proper diet. It is important to note here that effective naturopathic treatment requires patience, but heals the condition from roots. So, it is important to invest time and abide by the doctor’s advice. 

We have so far treated several conditions that affect children (allergies, eczema, asthma, ADD, ASD, Dyslexia, and colic digestive problems) and adults. We can also be contacted for sinusitis, irritable bowel movement, and diet and detox programs.
Contact us for any queries and we will be glad to assist you.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Some ways of Naturopathic treatment

The word “Naturopathy” has come from the words “Natura” which means “birth” and “patho” which means suffering. Naturopathy believes in the body’s own capability of achieving good health.It tries to re move the waste products and the toxins from the body, which further helps in facilitating the body’s healing mechanism.
Since these days, even young people are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes,and allopathy is not always very effective in reducing such health conditions, so in all such cases, proper naturopathy treatment is provided to the people.

If you are interested to know more about the naturopathy treatment, then you can go through the points discussed below:

  • Naturopathy uses mud packs, mud baths and hydro- therapeutic methods to treat an individual. They use outdoor walking, breathing exercises, sunbaths and open air baths, magnetized water and color charged oil as some of the major treatment procedures. These procedures help in removing stress, which helps in curing most diseases.
  • Naturopathy also treats certain conditions which include anti-ageing treatment and can thereby cure depression, anxiety, asthma, insomnia, cold and flu. This treatment includes a lot of natural modalities like acupuncture, homeopathy etc. which helps in improving the life style of an individual.
Naturopathy is considered to be a natural health care, which helps in curing the diseases from the roots. The doctor, in this type of a treatment tries to find out the root cause of a particular disease, and therefore, tries to ensure that the disease is cured from the roots.

Moreover, this type of a treatment does not have any side effects, as a result of which, this treatment procedure is quite save. The natural medicine doctor will talk clearly to the patient and will then try to find out the actual reason behind any particular disease. So, whenever, you see that your friend or your family, is suffering from this type of a disease, do not hesitate to get in touch with a reputed Naturopathy clinic. This clinic will not only provide you with the best treatment possible, but will also ensure that you are able to get a very good treatment at a very affordable rate.

Friday, 19 May 2017

About Sundardas Naturopathy Clinic

Sundardas Naturopathy has been operating since the year 1989 and the healing strategy used here has undergone several changes and transformation from traditional naturopathy to a blend of tradition and technology. We maintain the traditional rapport with the clients but along with it offer cutting edge technology and equipment to diagnose as well as treat a problem. 

At our Natural Medicine health clinic, we bring to use a wide range of therapies that consist of naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy, Manual therapies and psychotherapy. Our mission is to facilitate each individual’s growth towards self-actualization, and self-healing through a series of natural therapies, remedies, and education. We also help people to understand the cause of illness and provide long-term solutions to them, through treating the real cause of the problem

Naturopathic physicians are different from the mainstream physicians because they are experts in bringing to use natural therapeutics as-as homeopathy, herbs, and proper nutrition to promote healing rather than just consuming medicines and recommending surgeries. 

How do we operate?

On your first visit to Naturopathy health care clinic, you will spend around 90 minutes in our office, you will also fill the health questionnaire and submit it to us, minimum 24 hours before your next appointment so that the physician who attends you can study your history beforehand. You must disclose all aspects of your medical history so that the specialist advice the best treatment plan for you. You will be advised to undergo physical exams so find the exact cause of the problem, once the specialist gathers enough information, he advises a three months treatment plan for you. Once your health is stabilized, you are advised to go for regular checkups so that the condition does not persist again. To find out more, feel free to contact us at:

Address: 251A Victoria Street (Bugis Village), Singapore 188035 
Contact:  65-63236652

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Get the Best Lifestyle with the Help of a Natural Medicine Centre

The sedentary lifestyle that we all are living today has made it impossible for us to actually breathe in fresh air or have nutritious food. After all, the major reason why people today are suffering from so many terminal diseases is because of the environment we live in.

If you have recently got a surgery done and need some healing time then the best way to do is go to a wellness centre that uses all the natural and homeopathic methods and medicines to give you a treatment.

Centres of overall excellence

The place that you are looking for is a natural medicine centre. These centres or clinics focus on the wellness and health of their patients by incorporating every type of nutrition and vitamins that their diet need. Getting in a natural medicine centre is more about commitment than a one day treatment. You have to follow the instructions of the doctors and ensure that you do everything they say.

Once you come out of a natural medicine centre, your entire outlook on life will change. Mostly, natural medicine centres today have proper credentials. Most of the licensed clinics have a team of professionals which includes doctors who have more than 50 years of clinical experience as well.

Why go for natural medicine centres?

If your regular doctor has failed to treat your chronic problems then the next and better option is always a natural medicine centre. The doctors of these clinics will ensure that you get the best treatment as they redo your entire style of living.

Right from your diet to your exercise regime, everything is monitored by the professionals. They use therapeutic tools as well to ensure that you get the best treatment for your disease, however serious it might be. They evaluate your core body and ensure that they figure out the root cause of your problem and then only they suggest you the medicine or any type of therapy.

It all comes down to your level of dedication and commitment. If you really want to get treated, you will follow the strict and good lifestyle they design for you.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Know All About Manual or Manipulative Therapy

There are many types of pain a person suffers as they age. The most common problem is of the joint and muscles. Frequently lifting heavy loads or working longer hours in the same position can lead to stiffness in the joints or even muscles.

In order to relieve this pain, there are various practices and one of the most common is manipulative therapy or more commonly known as manual therapy.

Who uses manual therapy?
In order to relax the muscle pains, manual therapy is used by massage therapists, physical therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopathic physicians and occupational therapists. They treat both musculoskeletal pain and disabilities that a patient may be suffering from.

In order to treat the pain, therapists many use the following manipulation techniques:
•    Counterstrain
•    Cranial-sacral
•    Muscle energy
•    The classic thrust technique which is the high velocity-low amplitude (HVLA) technique
•    Myofascial release
•    Lymphatic pump
•    Ligamentous release
•    Soft tissue techniques
•    Visceral techniques

How the manual therapists treat their patients?

Manipulative therapy involves kneading and as mentioned above, manipulation of muscles and joints. A therapist works his/her way on the joints of the patient by applying precise amount of manual pressure. The pressure has to be applied in a specific direction in order to relieve the patient of the pain.
The pressure can either be applied on the exact location of the pain or at some distance away from the pain. The location-centric application of pressure helps the patient to recover from the following:
•    Joint restriction and misalignment
•    Restore tissue and muscle balance
•    Treat any kind of structural and tissue abnormalities
•    Promote the movement of bodily fluids

When it comes to joint and muscle pain, there is nothing better than manual therapy from a certified therapist. They know their way around each type of abnormality and pain and will help you get quick relief from it.

If you are suffering from any kind of joint pain then it is better to consult a manual therapist today itself as they will help you get rid of the throbbing pain within a couple of sessions.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Let a Naturopathy Practitioner diagnose you for Health issues

The naturopathy practitioners believe that every chronic disease, from cardiovascular disease cancer, arthritis, autoimmune disease, diabetes, etc. has one or more nutritional deficiencies as its main cause. This is because there is lack of purity in the food that people eat because of the usage of modern pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This can be stopped by consuming only the organically grown foods.
Eating right food and in the right proportion can help in preventing certain diseases. Thus, Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining an individual’s health. The foods that people take it affect the health both directly and indirectly and thus, it is very important that people should be more conscious of the foods that they are taking. A large number of diseases take place only because of wrong diet.
The practitioners of Natural Medicine suggest the use of natural supplements like:
  • Essential nutrient supplements: These are supplements that the body cannot make and are essential for life. Lack of essential nutrients can cause serious diseases which in turn can result in death as well.
  • Other natural substances: Even though these are not considered essential, they have certain therapeutic properties that can influence health.
Whenever you are dealing with a health issue, let a professional diagnose you rather than taking medication on your own even if it is natural. The art of self-diagnosis can be complicated, so better go to a practitioner of naturopathy medicine and let him diagnose and treat you in the correct way. This will help you to get rid of not only the symptom but also the main root cause of the disease. At times the doctor may prescribe certain therapies along with the medication so that you can recover fast and that the disease does not relapse.